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I became a hairdresser because I love the feeling of making a difference in people's lives by

making them feel special.

I think most people have an idea of what they want to do as a profession early on, but I was

one that didn't realize my passion until my late 20's.  I had been working at a restaurant and

wasn't feeling fulfilled in my job, so I decided I would go to hair school.  I started school in

January of 2009 and made a goal to graduate on my 30th birthday and that's exactly

what I did.  Since graduating I continue to educate myself on the latest cut and coloring



I believe that a great consultation will set the tone for the whole salon experience.

I really enjoy seeing the transformation of my client's hair from beginning to end and the

smile they give you when they see how beautiful they are.  There's something about a 

relaxing salon experience that makes it the best part of your day.

Two things you'll learn about me is that my favorite animal are horses.  I used to volunteer at a

horse therapy camp for disabled kids.  The time I spent volunteering really opened my eyes to how amazing horses really are.  Also, if you want to get on my good

side, Peanut M&M's will sure do it.  People ask me if I weren't a hairdresser what would I be?  I've always had a sweet tooth, so I would be a pastry chef.

I pride myself in providing the best salon experience to everyone of my clients.  If you're ready to have a great experience, I'm ready to make you feel a special,

one of a kind, beautiful person.  Can't wait to meet you!




Josh has been coloring and cutting my hair for several  years. He is well skilled and incredibly knowledgeable. Simply amazing! I highly recommend

Josh Brassfield Hair!

-Helen F.

"Josh is so perceptive and educated in his craft.  His work is consistent and always turns out so nice.  I highly recommend Josh!"

-Leslie C.

"Josh gives the best cuts and color time after time!  I couldn't be happier every time I walk out of the salon."

- Jen T.

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